Nadam fair held in Hanggin Banner

Updated: 2018-09-05 Print

The 2018 Hanggin Banner Nadam Fair opened in the region's National Sports Stadium, Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Aug 28.

The event saw nearly 50,000 visitors from across the country as well as more than 3,000 athletes  gather at the stadium.

The participants in the event were mostly farmers, herdsmen and staff workers, competing in 48 categories of sports activities. 

At the opening ceremony various performances featuring Mongolian cultural elements were staged. A troupe consisting of 1,000 people played matouqin or horse-head fiddle as dancers performed Mongolian-style dances. 

In a typical Nadam fair, equestrian performance is always a part that will never fail to amaze you. Horse riders demonstrated their riding skills skillfully and confidently, prompting roaring applause from the audience. 

With the theme of “beautiful Hanggin Banner, happy Nadam fair”, the event lasted until Sep 1. During the event, a wide array of activities such as wrestling competitions, archery competitions horse-riding races, a food festival and an artistic performance were held.


Young performers play matouqin or horse-head fiddle, a traditional musical instrument in Inner Mongolia, at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Hanggin Banner Nadam Fair. [Photo/WeChat account of Ordosnews]


Local singers perform at the opening ceremony. [Photo/WeChat account of ordosnews]

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