Houses built with environmental materials in Ordos

Updated: 2018-06-06 Print


A special new house made of building materials created from industrial waste is unveiled in the city of Ordos. [Photo/WeChat account of Ordos]

A special new house made of building materials created from industrial waste was unveiled in the city of Ordos, In the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to a recent news release from a local media outlet.

With its obvious ecological benefits, local residents have taken to calling this kind of dwelling a “green house”. The manufacturer of the green house, Ordos Xinghui Ceramics Co from the city’s Dalad Banner, was recently awarded the “Green Ark Award” by the national authority.

The house appears no different to other houses but differs greatly in its internal structure, with most building materials repurposed from the solid waste of industrial parks.

Economically as well as environmentally conscious, the house sells for 1,500 yuan ($234.19) per square meter, almost equivalent to an ordinary bungalow.

Holding a comfortable temperature in winter and fending off heat in summer, the well-insulated building can also withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

Ordos Xinghui plans to start mass-producing such building materials in June and estimates that nearly 70,000 tons of industrial waste–such as pulverized fuel ash, waste paper pulp and rubber powder–can be utilized annually for the development of ecological building materials.

Ordos authorities have adopted measures to further upgrade the city’s ceramics industry. Two of the city’s eight ceramics companies are currently able to produce ecologically sound building materials.