Ordos’ children’s choir secures three awards from CCTV

Updated: 2018-04-08 Print


The Aijimu Children’s Choir performs at a China Central Television studio. [Photo/official WeChat account of Ordos]

The Aijimu Children’s Choir from Otog Front Banner in Ordos secured three awards from China Central Television after a performance for the State broadcaster’s children channel, on April 3.

Since receiving the invitation from the channel to appear on a TV program designed by the broadcaster to present original folk songs to a wider audience, the choir from Ordos had spent three months preparing for the performance.

The choir successfully impressed the judges with their professionalism and distinctive cultural elements displayed during the performance. They managed to secure three awards –– for best original work, best performance, and a “little star” award.

The Aijimu Children’s Choir vowed to promote distinctive ethnic culture to more areas by trying to combine elements of folk culture with modern culture.


The three awards received by the choir. [Photo/official WeChat account of Ordos]


Members of the children’s choir pose for a photograph outside the gate of China Central Television. [Photo/official WeChat account of Ordos]