Ordos a new destination for migratory birds

Updated: 2018-03-22 Print


A flock of birds are captured on camera at a wetland in Hanggin Banner, Ordos. [Photo/offcial WeChat account of Ordos]

Tens of thousands of migratory birds were recently observed at wetlands in Hanggin Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, attracting many visitors and amateur photographers, according to a recent news release by a local media organization.

The birds spotted in Ordos are mostly protected species such as whooper swans, cygnets, swan geese and tadorna ferrugineas.

In order to protect the birds, the local authority for environmental protection has taken various actions to enhance environmental awareness among local residents, and strengthen measures to protect the birds from humans.

The city of Ordos has long been a place frequented by migratory birds especially in winter and spring, but it is still rare to see birds in such large numbers in the region.

Thanks to the efforts made by the local government in recent years, an increasing number of birds have started to appear in Ordos.


Birds fly over the wetland in Hanggin Banner, Ordos. [Photo/offcial WeChat account of Ordos]