Ordos’ 15 items added to regional-level intangible culture list

Updated: 2018-02-28 Print

The city of Ordos has had another 15 items added to the regional-level intangible culture heritage list, according to a recent announcement made by the local cultural authority of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

This is the sixth time that the regional cultural authority has selected intangible culture heritage items for conservation from all parts of the region, proposing 89 new items to be added this time.

According to the announcement, 15 of these items made it onto the protection list. They include the Mare Milk Festival in the Hanggin Banner, the practice of making snuff bottles and traditional Mongolian medical examination techniques.

Designated organizations will be held accountable for the protection of the item assigned to them, which will be on a one-to-one basis.

In recent years, Ordos has placed a great emphasis on research and the protection of intangible culture heritages. As of now, the city has six national-level intangible culture heritage items, 90 regional-level items and 180 city-level items.

Additionally, the city has nine representative inheritors of national-level intangible culture heritage items, 77 inheritors of regional-level items and 233 inheritors of city-level items.