Visitors celebrate Spring Festival with Pandas in Ordos

Updated: 2018-02-26 Print


Fans and staff members of the Ordos Wildlife Park offer New Year gifts to the two pandas. [Photo/WeChat account of Ordosnews]

Nearly one thousand panda-lovers gathered at the Ordos Wildlife Park to celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve with the charming pandas there, on Feb 15.

The Spring Festival get-together was organized by the Ordos Wildlife Park, which attracted numerous fans who had shown a deep fondness towards the two panda sisters, named Qi Xi and Wi Qiao.

Visitors joined staff members in cleaning the park, pasting Spring Festival couplets in entryways and creating paper-cutting decorations.

Breeders also decorated other animals’ enclosures and prepared a big dinner for them.

On March 2, the 15th day of Chinese New Year, the wildlife park will hold various activities for visitors, such as deciphering riddles and a lottery draw to celebrate Lantern Festival.


Visitors from various parts of Ordos gather at the wildlife park to celebrate Lunar New Year’s Eve with the two pandas. [Photo/WeChat account of Ordosnews]


Visitors make dumplings at the park on Lunar New Year’s Eve. [Photo/WeChat account of Ordosnews]


Cupcakes are prepared for the attendees of the gathering. [Photo/WeChat account of Ordosnews]