Ordos pays residents to collect waste

Updated: 2018-02-08 Print

The local government in Shagedu town in Juungar Banner, Ordos, in partnership with Ordos Solid Waste Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has been offering incentives to local residents who collect their own rubbish.

The recycling program was initiated two years ago, with the aim of dealing with rubbish and boosting awareness of environmental protection among local residents.

Every time a sanitation vehicle arrives in the town, local residents “sell” their waste, which they pre-sort into different categories.

Local residents have become used to categorizing waste and packing it into different bags.

The project has served as an incentive to cut the amount of waste and has been highly effective.

The village’s environment has really improved; there is almost no waste on the streets now, said Li Jianying, a villager in Xiyingzi.

Ayinga, a staff member working in the Ordos Solid Waste Institute of CAS made the point that it is actually easier to deal with waste from rural areas as much of it can be recycled.

The project is currently on hiatus for Spring Festival, but will start again after the holiday period is over.