Countdown to Ordos lantern festival begins

Updated: 2018-02-07 Print


The lantern festival will integrate elements of Ordos wedding culture with a modern light show. [Photo/WeChat Account of Ordos]

A grand lantern festival will officially open at Ordos Wedding Culture Park in Kangbashi district, Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Feb 16, which also marks the start of Spring Festival.

The lantern festival will depict elements of Ordos wedding culture, which, combined with the latest technologies, will provide visitors with a visual extravaganza.

Visitors can have fun by joining the traditional Chinese activity of trying to decipher riddles on red lanterns, which will be used as decorations in the park.

The festive activity also features a light show with colors of the lights changing as visitors walk on them.

During the festival, various Ordos delicacies will also be available for visitors.


A model of a traditional Inner Mongolia wine container pouring kumiss, a traditional alcoholic drink. [Photo/WeChat Account of Ordos]


Visitors can enjoy trying to decipher puzzles on the lanterns, which will be used as decorations in the park. [Photo/WeChat Account of Ordos]

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