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Population: 2,055,300 (2016)

Area: 87,000 square kilometers

Location: northern part of the Chinese mainland and southwest of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region


Ordos, together with Hohhot and Baotou, is part of the "golden triangle" in the economic development of the autonomous region. Its main economic indicators are leading the whole region and positioned at the forefront of China's western regions. A prominent American consulting firm estimates that Ordos is one of the few locations in the world best suited for developing energy-intensive industries. In accordance with national planning, Ordos continues to place great emphasis on developing "Five bases" — a clean energy output base, a modern coal chemical production demonstration base, an aluminum industry and equipment manufacturing base, a green agricultural and animal products processing output base and a tourism base.

In 2016, the Ordos economy developed steadily, achieving a regional GDP of 441.8 billion yuan($66.6 billion),an increase of 7.3percent over the previous year. The city's per capita GDP ranked first in the region, reaching 215,500 yuan ($32,453), an increase of 6.8 percent.

Administrative divisions

Ordos city governs two districts and seven banners – Dongsheng district, Kangbashi New Area, Dalad Banner, Jungar Banner, Otog Front Banner, Otog Banner, Hanggin Banner, Uxin Banner, and Ejin Horo Banner.