Requirements for post-placement reports

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Adoption agencies should prepare post-placement reports for each adopted child in accordance with the intervals and frequency required by the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA). Post-placement reports should be submitted by the adoption agency which sent adoption applications on behalf of the adoptive families. Families who have adopted more than two children (except for twins) should prepare and submit a separate report for each child. Requirements for the content and format of post-placement reports are as follows:

Section I: Page One Form of the Post Placement Report
The original copy and translation of each report should include a Page One Form of the Post Placement report. The original copy should be completed in the foreign language, and a translated copy should be filed in Chinese. The items on the form include:
1. Name of the adoption agency: The name of the agency that submitted the adoption application to CCCWA.
2. Travel Notice number: the serial number on the upper right corner of the Notice of Coming to China for Adoption.
3. Date of issuance of Travel Notice: the date under the seal of CCCWA at the right bottom of the Notice of Coming to China for Adoption.
4. Number of times report have been made: tick the square before the number.
5. Chinese name of the adoptee: pinyin in the original copy, and Chinese characters in the translated copy.
6. Foreign name: New name as changed after the adoption. No translation is needed.
7. Adoptee's date of birth
8. Health status at adoption: tick the square to specify health condition or special needs.
9. Adoption registration date: Date of adoption registration as shown in the Adoption Registration Certificate.
10. Date of naturalization: Date as shown in the naturalization certificate of the adoptee.
11. Adoptive father's name: name as listed on the passport; no abbreviations.
12. Adoptive mother's name: name as listed on the passport; no abbreviations.
13. Date of home visit by social worker: Date when the social worker visited the adoptive family's home
14. Date of completion: date when the report was finished.
15. Adoption agency which prepared the report: if it's the same agency as in item 1, please specify “same as item 1”.
16. Agreement/Disagreement with CCCWA’s using the report and photos for publication. Preparer of the report ticks the appropriate square after obtaining the opinions of the adoptive parents.

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