Ordos resident nominated as national role model

Updated: 2017-11-10 By Wang Jing Print

Lyu Haiying, a resident in Juungar Banner, Ordos, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has been nominated as a national role model, according to a list of names released by Wenming.com, a website affiliated with the central publicity department, on Nov 9.

Over the past 23 years since she began her charitable career, Lyu Haiying has subsidized 52 students who come from low-income families, raised 16 disabled and lonely elderlies as well as 40 left-behind children whose parents work as migrant labors.

The total donation she has made reaches over 600,000 yuan ($90,379), and the amount of time she has spent on charity totals over 10,000 hours. 

In 2012, Lyu Haiying established a charity organization with the support of several philanthropists. Over the past five years, more than 1,000 volunteers have become members of the organization.


Lyu Haiying (L) visits an elderly in a nursing home. [Photo/nmgzge.wenming.cn]

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Lyu Haiying (R) provides subsidies to a child from a low-income family and encourages him to study hard. [Photo/nmgzge.wenming.cn]


Lyu Haiying (third in the row) leads volunteers to remote areas of Guizhou province, in Southwest China, with the aim of offering help to local residents. [Photo/nmgzge.wenming.cn]