Ordos Mongolian Medicine Hospital

Updated: 2017-08-21 Print

Established in 1979, Ordos Mongolian Medicine Hospital has grown into a high-standard Class III Grade B comprehensive hospital that integrates medical care, scientific research, teaching and pharmaceutics in Mongolian medicine.

Divided into the Kangbashi division and Dongsheng division, the hospital occupies a total floor space of 59,152 square meters.

Currently, it has more 281 healthcare professionals working in its 18 clinical and ancillary departments as well as its own Mongolian medicine labs and pharmaceutical center. With advanced equipment, and 480 open beds, it provides specialized Mongolian medical treatment, which is combined with western medicine when necessary.

It has carried out more than 40 research projects, and is a leader in transforming administration of different types of Mongolian medicine. To date, it has developed more than ten new dosage methods for about 200 varieties of medicine, contributing to the preservation and promotion of traditional Mongolian medical culture.