Mongolian Origin Tourist Attraction

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Mongolian Origin Tourist Area is located in Ejin Horo Banner of Ordos City. Scenic spots are divided into three major functional areas including culture, tourism, film & television display Meng Yuan heyday of glorious history of 700 years ago. The main scenic construction projects of Tengger square, Tianmen, Yuandadu, Chong Yuan, Kharkhorin, Mongolia Museum and North City of origin which cover Mongolian Yuan palace cultural display, film and television shooting and production, large-scale indoor and outdoor interpretation, aquatic features, entertainment interactive experience, leisure vacation, domestic and foreign academic forums and exhibition of cultural relics and so on. Mongolian Origin Tourist Area is a national AAAA class scenic spot with the background of Mongolian Yuan culture, including cultural tourism, cultural relics exhibition, film and television shooting, camp education, entertainment interaction, leisure and vacation.

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Ticket: free

Telephone: +86-477-8959168