Subohan Grassland Tourist Attraction

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Subohan Grassland Tourist Attraction is a National 4A-level scenic spot. Located in west of Ejin Horo Banner, Subohan Grassland Tourist Area, covering 153 km², is the most charming, romantic and original nomadic grassland resort in Inner Mongolia and West China. Here you can have a taste of authentic Mongolian meals, live in yurts, ride a horse, take off the vehicles to see the grasslands, participate in wedding ceremony and Nadam Fair, and experience nomadic life. Given the background of nomadic culture in 13th century, Subohan grassland has 352 years history of Ikh Juu League. It takes the theme of "passionate Subohan and romantic grassland" featuring nomadic town and grassland affection, forms four big tourist area, i.e. 7 banners league area, nomadic times area, religious area and Nadam entertainment area. You can enjoy nomadic horseback, Shepherd healthy lifestyle, prairie wild nights fork art and other functions in one of areas.

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Ticket: 120 yuan per person

Telephone: +86-477-8182632