Engebei Tourist Attraction

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"Engebei" in Mongolian means "peace and auspiciousness". Located in Dalad Banner, Ordos, and the northern part of Kobq Desert, one among the eight largest deserts in China. Engebei Tourist Area covers about 300,000 mu (200 km2) and is surrounded by the Yellow River to its north while lies in the "Huhhot-Baotou-Ordos Golden Triangle" region of Inner Mongolia. 


There was nothing but a barren land with numerous sand dunes, however. With the introduce of the clear groundwater, and trees one by one being planted along the lake to adjust the temperature and humidity, a beautiful scenery spot is gradually formed. It is named Half Moon Lake after its shape as a half moon.

Engebei Camel Park is the most popular attraction among children. Lovely Australian ostrich, emu, adult African ostrich and llamas live together to constitute a unique landscape. Visitors can contact with them closely, feed them and take pictures with them. Engebei Scenic Area is the first scenic spot that has introduced llamas for viewing in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

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Engebei Modern Sunshine Agricultural Demonstration Park is the eco-demonstration garden built under the guidance of the modern science and technology based on the water-saving agriculture technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the method of "lighter, less water, new technology and high efficiency". In the sightseeing garden, colorful fruits and vegetables with fragrant aroma will render you a feast for eyes and senses.   

Desert Grand Canyon is an enchanting area full of joy, challenges, and excitement in Engebei Desert where you can take a surf car, SUV to take adventure in desert; or take a desert adventure car or motorcycle to conquer the desert with speed and passion; you may also choose to ride a camel to remind yourself of the ancient memories with the sound of camel ring;  you can also experience a carefree flying with sliding sandboard as wings; or you may take a speedboat and water bike to appreciate the passion of water and the pleasure of temperature changes in desert.

One can appreciate the best combination of sand and water, the best match of desert and green, the strongest visual contrast, and the most shocking feelings here. And with the co-development of ecological construction and tourism course, Engebei Desert has become a great choice for tourists to enjoy a period of pleasant and relaxing time.

Ticket: 80 yuan per person

Telephone: 400-0477-836