Ordos Wildlife Park

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Located in Dongsheng District, Ordos Wildlife Park, the National 4A-level Scenic Spot covers an area of 12 square kilometers and is the largest wildlife park in northwest China with the most diversified animal species as well as the only wildlife park in northwest China, it has the national treasure—Giant Panda.

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With the theme of "a planet of animal, back to nature", and two areas as core demonstration area and surrounding ecological green area, it is divided into four parts – Education Zone, Rain Forest Zone, African Zone and Asian Zone. In the park, you can see various kinds of animals in 31 spots of 22 open demonstration zones, such as pandas, giraffes, ligers, gorillas, covering more than 1700 species with a total number exceeding 2000. A combination of indoor exhibition and outside stocking offers an adequate space for tourists to form an intimate and mutual relationship with animals.


On September 26, 2016, the park successfully introduced giant pandas "Qi Qiao" and "Qi Xi", becoming a new tourist image for Inner Mongolian tourism.

"The top wolf's habitat worldwide, the grand view garden for wolf nationwide—Tianlangyu" exhibits over 15 species of wolves both at home and abroad, with a total amount exceeding 500.

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To enjoy the flowers on a spring outing, to avoid heat for a summer vacation, to appreciate the beauty of a poetic autumn and to play with ice and snow during the winter! Ordos Wildlife Park keeps introducing new content featuring "fun, novel and rustic charm", in order to form an integrating leisure resort in northwest China.

Ticket: 40 yuan per person

Telephone: +86-477-8103248