Ordos Cashmere Industrial Tourist Attraction

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Ordos Cashmere Industrial Tourist Attraction is located on Park Avenue in Dongsheng District, covering an area of 2,791 mu, with a total investment of 3.45 billion yuan. It is divided into east factory, west factory, office area, living quarter, and R&D center. It main functions include all-chain production system of cashmere, administration, the national R&D center of cashmere engineering and technology, product marketing and exhibition, staff life and sports entertainment. Administration area covers 35029 square meters, including administrative center, business center, sports center, cinema, exhibition hall, the World Cashmere Museum, and marketing display center. The national R&D center of cashmere engineering and technology cover an area of 16,000 square meters. It is mainly composed of three departments: testing department, R & D department and garment company studio. It has formed an integrated platform combining the research and development of cashmere products, testing, standard research, achievement transformation. promotion, personnel training, and technical exchanges. Marketing and Exhibition Center covers an area of 3000 square meters, and is the largest brand store in Ordos, showing a full range of Ordos products. It meets the needs of personal consumption, business units welfare buy, travel commemorative and other needs.

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