Ordos Travel Guide of UNCCD COP13--Preface

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Ordos (numerous palaces in Chinese) is situated in the north of China, and in the southwest of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The west, north and east of the city are all surrounded by the Yellow River, while in the south,it faces the ancient Great Wall. Ordos has a total area of 87,000 km2 and a population of 2.055 million with Mongolian ethnic as its main body and Han constituting the majority.  


Ordos is the holy land of the great leader - Genghis Khan, with long history and profound culture. "Hetao people" of 70,000 years ago lit the tinder of ancient civilization; the Hun's crown, Mongolia Epic and Arzhai Grotto tell about the past ups and downs during thousand years. Over 800 years ago, Genghis Khan affectionately sighed that: "This is a place where Sika Deer can shelter itself, the Hoopoe Bird can brood its chicks, the declining dynasty can revitalize itself and the white-haired man can seek pleasure of life".


Ordos is magic and colorful, with boosting grand mountains and magnificent landscape. The grassland, desert, hills and lakes have different images. Kubuqi Desert lies from east to the west; the Yellow River Grand Canyon winds many turns; the vast grassland is fascinating; the ancient road of Qin Dynasty links ancient and modern times.


Ordos is the sea of songs and dance, which is extensive and diversified. The traditional Ordos wedding has preserved the most complete Mongolian ritual. Senjidema interprets the love story of "Prairie Romeo and Juliet", and the delicate Man-Han music witnesses the multicultural fusion. The four-season continuous sports and tourism festival activities are enchanting; Ordos International Nadam Fair is gaining popularity at home and abroad.

The charm of Ordos is beyond infinity. The city features innovation and green development. Relying on perfect geographical location, abundant resources, preferential policies, and development advantages, Ordos has formed the tourism development pattern of "one region and four belts" and the tourism products system of "Holy land of Genghis Khan, desert scenery, ethnic customs, and leisure and summer vacation". At present, the city has two of 5A level scenic spots, accounting for 1/2 of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and twenty-seven of 4A level tourist scenic areas, accounting for 1/4 of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.



Visitors are truly impressed by the holy lamp in Genghis Khan Mausoleum shining exceeding 800 years and the loyalty of Torghut over generations. "The sand here can sing" -Whistling Dune Bay creates an unprecedented example of tourism and vacation in desert. A batch of ecological, sightseeing, adventurous, and off-road scenic spots such as Seven-Star Lake, Engebei Desert, etc., are under construction to become the nearest desert tourist cluster to Beijing.  Mongolian Origin, Ulan Living Buddha Palace and Junggar Temple have shown bright and profound ethnic culture. Chengchuan Memorial Hall of Yan'an Institute of Nationality is a red tourism and education base that reminds people not to forget history and never stop striving. Ordos Cashmere Industrial Park has become the pilot area of "tourism plus" for the integrated development. The booming Ordos Beautiful Rural Tourism Festival lets tourists sing and enjoy pleasure on the picturesque grassland. A cool summer with an average temperature of 21℃ in summer offers a group of great destinations for tourists to avoid heat, to name just a few, Jiucheng Palace, Bulong Lake, Gathering Paradise Amusement Park, and Ordos Wildlife Park, etc. The wonderful and beautiful Kangbashi Tourist Area is turning into a national tourist resort.

Ordos warms the whole world!