Ordos No 2 People's Hospital

Updated: 2017-04-10 Print

The Ordos No. 2 People's Hospital was built in 1990. After 20 years of development, it has grown to be the only infectious disease specialist hospital in Ordos, capable of providing an integrated service of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention, health care and rehabilitation.

Located in the Dongsheng district of Ordos, the Hospital covers a total area of 72,000 square meters, with the building area spanning 17,000 square meters. Currently, the Hospital has more than 300 staff, including 195 healthcare professionals, 41 among which have senior professional titles. The Hospital’s current capacity offers 175 open beds and receives more than 50,000 outpatients on an annual basis. Currently, there are 8 medical departments, 11 clinical departments and 9 administrative departments.

The Hospital specializes in the research on treatment for liver disease, tuberculosis, and AIDS. It is now the largest diagnosis and treatment base of liver disease and tuberculosis in Ordos. In 2011, the hospital’s establishment of the Ordos liver disease research and treatment center was approved by the municipal health bureau.

The Hospital also strengthens its development of various departments including emergency, liver disease in pregnancy, hepatobiliary and anesthesia surgery amongst others to provide better medical service to people in and around Ordos.