Ordos No 3 People's Hospital

Updated: 2017-04-10 Print

Ordos No. 3 People's Hospital, sponsored by the Ordos government, is located in the Airport Logistics Park of Ordos City. The hospital has a comprehensive facility, integrating the function of medical treatments, research, teaching, prevention and healthcare.

The hospital covers an area of 53,192 square meters, including total floor coverage of 47,183 square meters. 495 million yuan has been invested for the first phase construction of the hospital, of which 332 million yuan has been utilized for infrastructure and 163 million yuan for medical and office equipment and facilities.

The Hospital employs more than 200 healthcare professionals, with 20 holding deputy senior professional titles or above. Currently the hospital offers 300 patient beds and is equipped with over 100 advanced diagnosis and treatment facilities, such as Siemens 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging, GE64-slice spiral CT, angiography X-ray machine, high efficiency ultrasound system and etc.

The hospital is actively completing its department construction by setting up a series of clinical and functional auxiliary departments. Furthermore, a clinical laboratory and pathology department at Biological safety level II has been built in accordance with the first-class hospital standard.

The hospital has established a cooperative relationship with numerous first-class hospitals in Beijing to encourage experienced professionals to provide medical services to the people of Ordos and to share high-quality medical resources within the industry.