Well-known trademarks

Updated: 2017-03-28 Print

Inner Mongolia Erdos Cashmere Products Co. Ltd. is China's largest manufacturer of cashmere sweaters, maintaining first place in market share, competitiveness, and influence in the cashmere textile industry for many years. The brand "Erdos" is worth 10.03 billion yuan ($1.44 billion) and ranks top in China's cashmere products industry.

Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co. Ltd. is a large-scale modern energy enterprise with coal production and operation as its major business. The company also has businesses in railway transportation, coal, oil and real estate. The company's annual 160,000 tons of indirect coal liquefaction industrialization demonstration project has completely independent intellectual property rights and was put into use in March 2009, reaching its design capacity in 2012. It boasted the first coal chemical industry project reaching design capacity during the China's 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010). The "Yi Tai" trademark is also the first "Well-known China Trademark" in China's coal industry.

Inner Mongolia Yuanxing Energy Co. Ltd. is a modern energy and chemical enterprise focused on the natural gas chemical industry and coal chemical industry. Aiming to explore the new energy chemical, fine chemical, and logistics sectors, the company specializes in energy and chemical products such as methanol and coal at an annual production capacity of 5 million tons. The company puts great emphasis on research and development capacity, and has developed 17 domestic and international leading trona mining and processing technologies. It has achieved more than 50 scientific and technological developments and 12 technical patents, with the core technology of its leading products possessing independent intellectual property rights.

Inner Mongolia Erdos Wine Group Co. Ltd. is a top 100 liquor maker in China, and a leading company in Inner Mongolia autonomous region focused on agricultural industrialization. Since 1997, by improving the process and innovating new technology, the company's liquor and related products have obtained more than a dozen national patents, and the company has been the first national identified "pure grain solid fermentation liquor" maker in Inner Mongolia.

Inner Mongolia Xiangsha Liquor Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with businesses covering production, processing, and sales of liquor and pure water, catering, commerce, and breeding industries. The company produces more than 80 varieties of high-quality liquor in six major lines, and Xiangsha brand liquor was identified as a "brand-name product" by the government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. In 2012, Xiangsha liquor was selected among the first batch of "Inner Mongolia Time-honored Brands" by the regional business department.

Inner Mongolia Dongda Cashmere Products Co. Ltd. produces and sells cashmere and cashmere products, yak cashmere products, yak wool yarn, and camel cashmere. Its cashmere products have been exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea as well as other Southeast Asian and European countries. Domestically, the company sells its products to 50 cities and regions and its cashmere sweater has won many honorary titles for its high quality.

Ordos Tianjiao Resources Development Co. Ltd. produces sea-buckthorn products, such as sea-buckthorn vinegar, soybean sauce, beverages, leaf tea, chewing gum, sea-buckthorn seed (fruit, leaf) oil, sea-buckthorn leaves (fruit) flavonoids, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), and sea-buckthorn feed of 35 varieties in seven categories. The company has a sea-buckthorn research and development center and a sea-buckthorn food research institute, and has had two national invention patents.