Administrative division

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Previously known as Ih Ju League - literally translated to 'big temple' in Mongolian language - the league was renamed Ordos and declared a prefecture-level city with the State Council's approval on Feb 26, 2001. It governs Kangbashi district, Dongsheng district, Dalad Banner, Jungar Banner, Ejin Horo Banner, Uxin Banner, Hanggin Banner, Otog Banner, Otog Front Banner. The whole city is home to 49 townships, within which there are 733 villages. There are also 25 sub district offices and 205 communities.

Administrative division in Ordos 

Banner & District

Number of administrative divisions

The whole city is home to two districts, seven banners, 49 areas above village level and 25 streets.

Kangbashi District


Habagexin, Qingchunshan and Binhe streets

Dongsheng District


Hantai town, Tongchuan town, Bojianghaizi town, Minzu street, Xingsheng street, Bayinmenke street, Heerlun street, Jiaotong street, Tianjiao street, Gongyuan street, Linyin street, Fangzhi street, Jianshe street, Fuxing street and Xingfu street

Dalad Banner


Zhonghexi town, Engebei town, Zhaojun town, Zhandanzhao, Shulinzhao town, Wang'aizhao town, Bainijing town, Jigesitai town, Gongye street, Baita street, Xini street, Zhaojun street, Xiyuan street and Pingyuan street

Jungar Banner


Buertaohai, Nuanshui township, Shierliancheng township, Xuejiawan town, Longkou town, Narisong town, Zhungerzhao town, Dalu town, Shagedu town, Lantian street, Yingze street, Xinglong street, Youyi street

Ejin Horo Banner


Aletengxire, Hongqinghe, Nalintaohai, Zhasake, Subuerga, Wulanmulun and EjinHoro towns.

Uxin Banner


Galutu, Tuke, WulanTaolegai, Wushenzhao and Wudinghe towns; Sulide

Hanggin Banner


Balagong, Duguitala, Huhemudu and Jirigalangtu and Xini towns;   Yikewusu. 

Otog Banner


Wulan, Qipanjing, Mengxi and Mukainaoer towns; Albas and Sumitu.

Otog Front Banner


Aolezhaoqi, Shanghaimiao, Chengchuan and Angsu towns