Ordos Nalin River Industrial Park

Updated: 2017-03-22 Print

Approved for construction by the Ordos People's Government in 2005, Nalin River Industrial Park is located in the south of the Uxin Banner, at the junction between Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi province. It has a control area of 65 square kilometers and a planned construction area of 24.1 square kilometers, 12 square kilometers of which have been completed.

It was selected as one of the sixth batch of circular economy pilot demonstration parks in February, 2012, by the People's Government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region. In October of the same year, it was listed as one of the 18 key industrial parks in the city by the local government.

The industrial park relies on the Nalin River mineral area, which is rich in water, coal and gas resources. The area boasts coal reserves of 34.2 billion tons, and as Wuding River flows through it, is granted remarkable geographical advantage. The first phase of a 50 million ton water supply project has begun operation, and a 220 kV and a 110 kV transformer substation have been completed. A first-class highway from the industrial park to Galutu town, where the Uxin Banner government office is located, opened to traffic in 2012. A planned branch line to the park will begin construction, linking Baotou-Maoming Highway and West Inner Mongolia to Central China railway.

A central gas supply station was completed by the end of 2013 and its pipe network has been paved. With a more completed infrastructure that includes the municipal path pipe network and forestation and beautification efforts, the industrial park is capable of undertaking large construction projects. Oriented towards developing a circular economy, the industrial park is building a cleaner coal production and process base. It focuses on the chemical coal industry and the clean coal and logistics industry, extending the industrial chain to form an elaborate and cyclical product development chain.  

Up to 2015, 12 projects have settled in the industrial park with a total investment of 56.5 billion yuan ($8.2 billion), and 24.9 billion yuan has been accumulatively invested. Large central enterprises, State-owned enterprises and well-known local enterprises have also entered the park, including China National Coal Group Corp, Shaanxi Coal Industry Co. Ltd. and Berun Holding Group.

Currently, five projects have begun operation, namely, Changqing Oilfield No 2 Purification Plant, which purifies 2.5 billion cubic meters of transported natural gas annually. The other projects are: Ordos Xingxing Energy Co. Ltd's project with annual output of 200,000 tons liquefied natural gas (LNG); the first phase of Inner Mongolia China Coal Yuanxing Energy and Chemical Industry Co. Ltd's coal-to-methanol project, generating 600,000 tons; the first phase of Inner Mongolia Boda Shidi Chemical Co. Ltd's project synthesizing 500,000 tons of ammonia and 800,000 tons of urea; and Uxin Banner Liwei Building Materials Co. Ltd's cement grinding station project utilizing 1 million tons of waste residue.

Seven continued construction projects are primarily promoted. They are: Inner Mongolia Jianfeng Coal Chemical Industry Co Ltd of Shaanxi Coal Industry Co Ltd's 1.6 billion cubic meter gas synthesis project utilizing cleaner coal; Inner Mongolia Zhuozheng Coal Chemical Industry Co. Ltd's conversion of 1.2 million tons coal-to-methanol; Ordos Chengfeng Petrifaction Co. Ltd's project for 1 million tons of blast furnace injection and 200,000 tons of tar hydrogenation; Inner Mongolia Ordos Lianhai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd's project for the injection of 4.8 million tons of green material and 480,000 tons of tar hydrogenation; Uxin Banner Mengda Mining Industry Co. Ltd's 8 million ton coal mine project; the saline coal-based polygeneration project of Inner Mongolia Berun Chemical Co. Ltd; and the deep integrated water treatment project of Uxin Banner Hongyu Water Resource Integrated Utilization Co. Ltd.

By 2017, the industrial park will attain a capacity of 8 million tons of coal, 3 million tons of chemical production, and achieve sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, forming a crucial pillar of growth for Uxin Banner's economic development.