Ordos Center Hospital

Updated: 2017-03-20 Print

Ordos Center Hospital was established in 1950 and has grown into a modern, high-standard Class III Grade A comprehensive hospital that integrates medical care, teaching, and scientific research.

It is also home to the Inner Mongolia Medical University Clinic and Medicine College as well as an ultrasonic medical education center for the American Jefferson Ultrasonic Medical Research Institute.

The hospital integrates medical treatments, research, teaching, healthcare, recovery, occupational health, and health management, while providing excellent medical care for people from Inner Mongolia and surrounding areas.

Divided into the Kangbashi division and Dongsheng division, the hospital covers an area of 277,000 square meters, with a total floor space of 256,800 square meters. There are 75 clinic departments or sections and 24 administrative offices. At present, it offers 1,200 patient beds. It receives more than one million outpatients on an annual basis.